Qstar8 handheld RTK receiver

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Qstar8 handheld RTK receiver comes with the outstanding features of other product for high accuracy GIS data collection. Designed in light weight and dual-frequency, this product is quite convenient for the applications in power line inspection, land & resource management, forestry, agriculture, piping, underground cabling, as well as waste water management due to its capability of collecting data with high accuracy.
Shining Points

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 806MHZ high-speed CPU 256M RAM, 8G flash memory

Higher accuracy
GPS+GLONASS+COMPASS Advanced PPP technology

1.5M anti-drop, IP67 Integrated elaborate double color model

Main features
5 million pixel auto focus camera Accurate centering mode Integrated high accuracy G-sensor, Centering GNSS antenna phase center accurately Electronically level GNSS antenna

Multiple wireless communication modes Integrated 3G communication function, Supports all 3G communication systems Integrated Bluetooth, WIFI, USB communication , Makes wirelessly assist telemeter &detecting instrument etc. to work synchronously. GNSS positioning technology With reliable GPS+GNSS positioning technology, you can work normally even under hard environmental conditions. Support COMPASS satellite navigation system. Advanced PPP technology realizehigher accuracy even just adopt single point positioning. 3.7 inch QVGA TFT, resolution: 640×480 8800mAh Li-ion battery, over 12 hours’ continuous work

Qstar 8
The most portable handheld RTK Centimeter level high accuracy Dual frequency GPS+ GNSS positioning Meet your surveying requirements even under hard environmental conditions and most extreme weather conditions

Qstar 6
Sub-meter level accuracy Flexible operation mode GPS+ GNSS positioning

Qstar 5
Meters level high accuracy Receive SBAS to get high accuracy within 1M Bluetooth & WIFI realize Wireless Collaborative Operation
Model Qstar 8Qstar 6Qstar 5
 Operation system: Windows Mobile 6.5
 Processor: 806 MHZ
System ConfigurationFlash Memory: 8GB
 Display: 3.7 inch LED, 640×480 resolution
 Single frequency GPS positioning technology  
 Single frequency GPS+GLONASS  
 Dual frequency GPS+GLONASS  
 Support Compass system  
 Time for the first fix(TTFF): 30 seconds
GNSS FeaturesUpdate rate: 1HZ (support higher frequency)
 Single point positioning2m2.5m2.5m
 SBAS1< 50 cm< 50 cm< 50 cm
Position AccuracyReference station differential2cm20cm50cm
 Static surveying5mm±1ppm  
 Integrated 3G communication module
 5 million pixel camera with LED
 Built-in microphone & speaker
 Integrated G-sensor
 Integrated laser plummetoptional  
Application functions9 keys, with the four arrow keys and camera key
 Mini USB
Data communicationMicroSD card slot, support up to 32GB
 8800mAh lithium battery, online charging
Power supplyOver 12 hours continuous work
 Weight: 835g(with battery)
 Operating temperature: -30℃ ~ +70℃
 Storage temperature: -40℃ ~ +80℃
 Dustproof/waterproof: IP67
Physical propertiesAnti-shock: 1.5m free fall
1.Typical horizontal value, accuracy varies according to regional observation condition.   
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