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DAT/EM Capture is the primary tool for vector information collection (which can be collected directly into one or more companion CAD or GIS programs) from stereo images. Currently supported companions are AutoCAD, MicroStation, and Esri ArcGIS; the Capture API (Application Program Interface) enables easy access to other CAD and GIS programs. The stereo capture capability is a real boon to people trying to interpret imagery: urban planners, foresters, wetlands biologists, geologists...

DAT/EM Capture interfaces directly from one of DAT/EM's flagship products, such as the Summit Evolution digital photogrammetric workstation or the Landscape point cloud editing toolkit, to one of three companion CAD or GIS applications. Or both. Or all three. Or more with the DAT/EM API it is easy to create a custom interface.

Using a stereo front-end application such as Summit Evolution or Landscape to display stereo data, Capture works in the background to send 3D (X, Y, Z) ground coordinate triplets to the companion application. Simultaneously, 2D or 3D features from the CAD or GIS are rendered back in true relative 3D position in the stereo display using DAT/EM Super/Imposition for immediate feedback and feature verification. The user's experience and productivity are enhanced from precise and instantaneous validation of their work.
DAT/EM Capture's drawing and editing tools make mapping-specific tasks easy to accomplish
Custom building squaring modes
-Your choice of 2D and 3D snapping modes spot elevation
-A wide selection of multiple-line offsets
-DTM point collection
-Specialty mapping tools such as contour labeling
-CAD-specific attribute mapping
-3D digitizing, vertex draggin,g and field editing
-Stereo viewing with real-time panning and zooming
-Vector data superimposition onto stereo imagery

Capture for ArcGIS
DAT/EM CAPTURE collects 3D image features directly from the DAT/EM Summit Evolution stereoplotter into ESRI ArcGIS. DAT/EM CAPTURE provides many 3D data collection and editing enhancements for ArcGIS.
Software features include real-time panning and zooming in a stereo view, 3D digitizing tools such as building squaring, and 3D editing tools such as 3D cut polygon. Snapping may be 3D or 2D. Useful tools include multiple field update and ASCII text coordinate file input/output. ArcGIS vectors are superimposed onto the stereo imagery in the Summit Evolution stereoplotter, allowing the user to digitize new objects on the ground and see whether previously existing objects are at the correct elevation.

Airfield3D is a special module is included with Summit Evolution Professional Edition and DAT/EM CAPTURE for ArcGIS. Airfield3D builds the surfaces for airfield obstruction analysis according to the specifications in the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Circular 150/5300-18B. The obstruction surface outlines are superimposed in the Summit Evolution stereo view, the 3D cursor may be locked to the surface, and a realtime display shows whether the cursor is above or below the surface. The surfaces for both vertically and non vertically guided runways may be generated. As obstructions are digitized, Airfield3D populates every field that can be determined automatically, plus fields that the user sets such as for natural or man-made object designations. Airfield3D can also populate or update fields for previously existing objects. It offers a tool to create obstruction area grids.

In addition to digitizing new features, DAT/EM CAPTURE offers the ability to upgrade 2D data to 3D and check coordinate accuracy of existing 3D data. This enables you to easily view, edit, and add to your existing ArcGIS shapefiles and geodatabase feature classes.

DAT/EM CAPTURE together with Summit Evolution Professional Edition can work together to create Summit Evolution projects from stereo raster datasets found in ArcGIS for Server. All other Summit Evolution project types may also be used.
DAT/EM CAPTURE runs under the Windows XP/Vista/7 operating system and interfaces with ArcGIS 9.3.1 and 10.0. Compatible versions of ArcGIS are ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo. Digitizing and 3D editing take place in the ArcMap module of ArcGIS.

Capture for AutoCAD
DAT/EM CAPTURE turns a photogrammetric stereoplotter into a 3D ground coordinate digitizer for AutoCAD. Image features are collected directly into AutoCAD's DWG format files. DAT/EM CAPTURE provides many digitizing, mapping and editing enhancements for AutoCAD.
DAT/EM CAPTURE's interface and functionality remain consistent across all stereoplotters - analog, analytical and digital - making it a perfect choice for multiple platform production shops.
DAT/EM Capture includes Map/Editor, a 3D data and file editing package. MAP/EDITOR reduces overall editing time by performing interactive and batch tasks defined and controlled by the user.
DAT/EM CAPTURE also includes the DAT/EM KEYPAD, a 252-button programmable touchpad that can send long command sequences to AutoCAD. Because a single button can make multiple settings and activate a digitizing command, the DAT/EM KEYPAD greatly increases the speed and efficiency of the digitizing process.
DAT/EM CAPTURE runs under the Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems and interfaces to AutoCAD 2000-series versions. DAT/EM Capture arrives with all software and hardware components to fit your stereoplotter in order for your company to produce immediate results. DAT/EM CAPTURE provides unrivaled precision and quality at a cost-effective price.
Capture AutoCAD - Feature Highlights
-Real-time panning and zooming
-Automatic contour labeling routines
-Automatic contour interpolation program
-Automatic join routine for contours between models
-3D building squaring and automatic stairs generation -3D offsets with multiple offset capability
-Online control file editing and orientation report (analog instruments)
-Enhanced dialog box driven user interface
-Automatic contour and breakline integrity checks
-Line patterning along 3D polylines and arcs

Supplied with Capture for AutoCAD -AutoCAD stereoplotter interface driver
-MAP/EDITOR automatic editing routines
-DTM collection capabilities
-Installation and operation manual (electronic)
-Automated installation interface
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