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Geo Capturing

Data Capture
Transform image blocks into 3D attributes, features and models.

Automatically create digital terrain and surface models from aerial or satellite image blocks.
Acquire very dense point clouds and high quality surface models directly from stereo imagery using image matching techniques
Advanced multi-image matching creates point clouds as dense as one point per pixel at a lower cost than aerial laser scanning
Point clouds from image matching provide excellent results for orthophoto generation and city modeling applications
Remove non-ground objects and achieve bare earth digital terrain models (DTMs) using robust filter methods
Expand production capabilities using state-of-the-art multi-threading and distributed processing

Summit Evolution
Digital photogrammetric stereo workstation to collect 3D features directly into ArcGIS, AutoCAD or MicroStation.
Feature collection from aerial frame and pushbroom, close-range, satellite, IFSAR, LiDAR intensity and orthophoto imagery
Superimpose collected or imported vector data directly onto stereo models for effective and efficient interactive mapping, change detection and GIS updates
Improve result quality with routines for data generalization, checking and automatic line editing and batch map editing
Roam seamlessly through projects of any size using a project-based environment for oriented image blocks

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