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Geo Modeling

Surface and Terrain Modeling
Comprehensive modeling of unlimited laser scanning or image matching points including filtering, visualization, editing and analysis.

Powerful digital terrain, surface model and LiDAR editing station.
Easily handle efficient checking, editing and classification of huge DTM and LiDAR projects consisting of billions of points using a tiled data structure
Visualize and quality control data using excellent monoscopic or stereoscopic tools
Underlay DTM data with thousands of orthophotos or complete blocks of aerial stereo photographs
Expand capabilities using the Inpho DTM Extension for fast point cloud filtering, gap filling and mapping-grade contouring

Efficiently process hundreds of millions of DTM points with unsurpassed quality of interpolation, filtering, management, application and visualization.
Utilizes an integrated database system well-suited to managing very large DTM projects, up to nation-wide DTMs
Efficient hybrid DTM data structure and flexible, advanced interpolation guarantees rigorous consideration of break lines and qualified data filtering
Numerous DTM applications are covered, such contouring, hill-shading, profiling, volume calculations, or slope analysis
Work with points from LiDAR, photogrammetry or other sources
Automatically filters airborne laser scanning to classify a raw point cloud into terrain and off-terrain points and effectively extracts true ground points for further DTM processing
Address contouring, hill-shading, profiling, volume calculations, or slope analysis

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