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Designed to do more.

The softmouse 3D is designed for productivity with a new:

  • Ergonomic shape purpose-built for hands.
  • Simplified button arrangement for easier clicking.
  • USB connection that does away with the space-hogging interface box.
  • Lightweight for hours of stress free operation.

Efficient features for efficient mapping

  • Highh-precision X,Y laser navigation with a user-selectable resolution from 400 to 1600 counts per inch for smooth and accurate position control.
  • High resolution 1200 count-per-revolution Z-axis controller.
  • Comfortable silicone buttons.
  • High-reliability switches.
  • Teflon™ treated large mouse pad for ultrasmooth displacement.

Technology for productivity and precision.

  • Supports Windows 7 and XP in 32 and 64 bits
  • WINQUAL certified driver
  • Creates virtual serial port for compatibility with legacy software
  • USB-IF certified
  • FCC Part 15B & EN 55022:2006 + A1 :2007, and Class B
  • Protection around the world.
  • Softmouse 3D comes with a one-year warranty that provides worldwide coverage for parts and labor. We make upgrading simple with full support as you update your system.

Compatible with the following applications:

  • ImageStation™
  • Digi3D™
  • Inpho’s Match AT™
  • KLT Atlas™
  • PurVIEW™
  • Socet GXP™
  • Socet Set™
  • Stereo Analyst™
  • Summit Evolution™
  • LPS™
  • Virtuoso™
  • And others supporting the old Immersion™ mouse