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Planimetric Mapping Services Company in India

TriCAD  has an extensive and proven record of providing planimetric mapping services in India. Recognized and certified by department of Space, Ministry of Defense Government of India. Planimetric is the study of plane measurements, including angles, distances, and areas. Planimetric elements in geography are those features that are independent of elevation such as roads, buildings, utility Water features, etc… Planimetric maps consist of both manmade and natural features. Created using 2D and 3D photogrammetry techniques using aerial photos, satellite photos, and LiDAR.

Photogrammetry Services:

Aerial Triangulation:

Aerial Triangulation represents the mathematical process of establishing precise and accurate relationships between the individual image coordinate systems and a defined datum and projection (ground). The main objective of aerial triangulation is to produce from ground control, sufficient points in the photogrammetric models to ensure that each model can be oriented accurately as required for stereo compilation in either orthophoto or line mapping

Digital Terrain Modeling / Surface Modeling (DTM/DSM):

A Digital Terrain Model enhanced with Break lines, grid format or random placement of DTM Points, Spot Heights with other topographic features, so as to avoid choppy appearance in contour generation. We generate Digital Terrain Model (DTM) with good Quality industry standards for contour generation, Ortho Rectification Planning Mapping, etc…



planimetric services company in India


Planimetric services in india


The orthorectification procedure is divided into different steps in the following images. Some of them are tightly connected and work in iterations (geometric modeling and gross error removal), whereas others are mostly independent (e.g., GCP extraction) and could work as stand-alone modules. The chain is completely automatic, and the start of the processing can be triggered by the appearance of an image in a specifically designated folder on the processing server. At the moment of arrival, the process first starts with the extraction of useful information from the metadata file. The procedure then continues with GCP extraction, geometric modeling, and, finally, orthorectification. The final results are orthoimages and a log file with information about the processing, parameter values, and achieved accuracies.

planimetric services

Planimetric / Topographic mapping:

Feature Extraction involves the creation of a map of the earth’s surface of geographic objects and natural & Physical (Man-made) Features. We have Good Experience in Planimetric mapping recently we delivered the 2500 Sq.Km in three towns of the USA and 10000 Hectors from Europe countries @1”=100’ Scale.

planimetric services
planimetric services

Drone Mapping: 

Using Drone/UAV images processes the process of the image through UASMaster for (Georeferencing, Dense Point Clouds, True Orthophotos, 3D Textured meshes, orthotopic and digitized vectors. TriCAD generates excellent results with accurate and reliable results in just a few seconds per image with maximum automation.


UASMaster Closed Range 3D Buildings:

Planimetric services in india

3D Modeling (LoD’s):

Drone mapping software

Why Choose TriCAD for Planimetric Services

TriCAD has an excellent planimetric service team that recently completed a 3000 sq km & 10,000 Ha compilation job in three towns of the USA/Europe. We done the Mapping scale 1:80, 1:100, 1:1000 and 1:5000. We are experts in DAT/EM Summit Evolution 8.0.1 version. TriCAD has well established Project Management Processes with  well qualified and experienced associates in different business verticals. TriCAD’s  team includes CAD Engineers, GIS Engineers/Programmers, Remote Sensing/Image Processing specialists, LiDAR Engineers, 3D Modeling Experts, Photogrammetrists, Ortho Engineers, Database and graphic designers, Geographers, Geologists and Environmental Scientists. Capable of quick ramp up of resources pool based on customer requirement and resources can also be made available for onsite requirement with specific skills.