Straightforward tool to create orthophotos and orthophoto mosaics from Summit Evolution™ projects. Ortho+Mosaic is included with Summit Evolution Professional.

  • Creates orthophotos and orthomosaics from Summit Evolution projects.
  • Improves orthophoto results with a wide variety of point file and vector file input formats. Multiple input formats may be used at the same time.
  • Offers orthophoto image adjustments such as histograms, brightness and channel mappings.
  • For mosaics, offers hot spot removal, exclusion areas, image balancing, histogram matching and other image corrections.
  • Provides advanced automatic mosaic seam line generation, manual editing and seam line import/export tools.
  • Generates automatic and vector-based output tiles.
  • Saves to optional “big” BigTiff and Jpeg2000 image output formats.
  • User-controlled tiling options

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