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Via new technologies and smart appliances, the telecommunications world are fast drifting into digitalization. In order to keep up with the speed, Communication, Service Providers (CSPs) must meet the data requirements of customers without compromising the efficiency of the network. As a result, CSPs need to extend their scope to new geographic locations and also update their current network with emerging network architectures. In this phase of growth, CSPs face several new obstacles and have restrictions on their investments.

To satisfy these criteria and collaborate on end-to-end network architecture solutions, CSP has trusted collaborators with technology skills and experience.

TriCAD Design services, technical skills and knowledge will help and promote new distribution approaches to give the company greater benefit. Our priorities and our one-stop shop strategy is in line with your interests and emphasis on economic services at all levels, as well as customer loyalty.

The main areas of focus by TriCAD in the GIS for Telecom sector are:

  • Network Mapping
  • Planning and Designing Fiber Process
  • PON Design
  • Spine Process
  • Survey Return
  • Telecom Design, Estimation Process
  • Conversion and Remigration of Confliction
  • Network Re-Alignment
  • Distribution Network Design
  • AM/FM Mapping
  • Consumer Indexing
  • Network Topology
  • Network Analysis

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