Geo Imaging Inpho Product

Orthophoto Production:

Master orthophoto creation and mosaicking of digital aerial or satellite imagery.


Professional software for high-quality ortho-rectification of digital aerial or satellite imagery generating true orthophotos for both single images and complete image blocks.

  • Ensure digital aerial or satellite imagery with constant scale using orientation and digital terrain models as source data
  • Derive DTMs directly from arbitrarily distributed XYZ point cloud data and breaklines
  • Effectively eliminate the relief displacements by intersecting 3D object data with the basic DTM
  • Fully automatic differential rectification, or when no DTM is available, rectification onto a plane
  • Optimized for automated, high-performance orthophoto production using state-of-the-art multi-threading and distributed processing
  • In combination with OrthoVista, OrthoMaster is able to generate true orthomosaics, in which all man-made 3D objects are presented in their true locations, without disturbing relief displacements


Adjust and combine thousands of orthophotos from any source into perfect, seamless, color-balanced and geometrically correct orthomosaics without any subdivision.

  • Compute radiometric adjustments that compensate for a wide range of visual effects within individual images, such as intensity, hot spots, lens vignetting, brightness or color variations
  • Automate key ortho-mosaicking functions to improve the efficiency, quality and profitability of digital orthophoto mosaic production
  • Detect seamlines automatically and detect man-made objects without manual intervention, providing high-quality mosaics even in urban areas and reducing manual seamline editing. Should interactive seamline editing be necessary, a manual seam editor is provided

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