Inpho Geo Modeling Product


State-of-the-art camera calibration, adjustment and aerial triangulation for image blocks of any size, overlap or geometry.


  • Precise aerial image triangulation with exceptional performance
  • Geo-reference blocks of aerial imagery based on the advanced and unique image processing algorithms for both line and, optionally, pushbroom sensor data
  • Fully automated processing even for large projects
  • Processing is independent of flight geometry and supports completely arbitrary flight patterns
  • Automatically extract tie points in frame images at optimal locations using multi-ray image matching
  • Measure or verify control and tie points, guided by graphical block analysis
  • Orient image blocks using proven bundle block adjustment and quality control tools
  • Rigorous GPS and IMU data support, including calibration of boresight misalignment and shift and drift corrections


  • Reconstruct the image orientation for image blocks of any shape and overlap using advanced mathematical modeling and adjustment techniques
  • Advanced adjustment engine with full GPS and IMU support, shift and drift correction, self-calibration and effective multi-phase blunder detection
  • Complete statistical information including variance components, precision, internal & external reliability measures, among others
  • Excellent interactive graphical analysis capabilities combining traditional views (vectors, ellipses) with alternative visualizations such as “traffic lights” to simplify data inspection and quality control
  • The flexible and configurable adjustment engine includes full GNSS and IMU support
  • Calibrate lens and image plane parameters of aerial frame cameras

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