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Oil & Gas:

Oil and Gas firms aim to expand their exploration and development while reducing operating costs to satisfy the increasing requirements for oil. They must refine their manufacturing processes, work on technical advances and improve safety and environmental efficiency.

Triad provides flexible concept, strategies that help consumers accomplish their market goals efficiently and economically at an optimal price and a quicker processing period. We improve operating safety, efficiency and reliability and minimize expense and environmental impacts by allowing oil-and-gas companies to leverage data analyses, IoT and health tracking for powerful insights into key market fields.

We deliver product and process engineering solutions for upstream and downstream oil and gas industry, both in green fields and in brown field projects. Our projects follow rigorous global regulatory requirements for oil and gasses and our first-time technologies are designed to make production simpler, taking different yard restrictions into account.


The quick speed of growth and development contributed to the construction of new towns, villages, etc. New residential and business settlements need access to equipment such, as well-planned power lines to allow electricity transmission easy and conveniently available. In the power sector the use of GIS for electricity generated a lot of fervor.

In designing, drafting and preparing power supply lines in a municipality or from a power plant, in a timely and coordinated manner, the GIS for electricity, remote sensing and CAD play an important role. Using state of the art tools, maps of the region involved are developed. It operates in various GIS formats for energy and CAD and is an excellent choice for consumers around the world.

The main areas of focus by TriCAD in the GIS for electricity sector are:

  • Network Mapping
  • Network Re-Alignment
  • Distribution Network Design
  • AM/FM Mapping
  • Consumer Indexing
  • Network Topology
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Energy Auditing
  • Network Analysis
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • Solar Panel Layout Designs

TriCAD is well known for its customer-centered, time-based and cost-efficient offerings, and combines deep know-how and expertise in the application of GIS to the power industry. The organization has a robust quality management mechanism that helps TriCAD to manufacture impeccable goods.

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